Real World Law Enforcement Training Seminar


The three-day street crimes seminar is taught by real law enforcement officials with over 25 years of actual street cop experience. Every Street Crimes instructor is a nationally recognized expert in many areas of police work. They are able to blend unique experiences in Patrol, Narcotics, Gang Crimes, Undercover Work, S.W.A.T. Team and Federal Task Forces to create the most comprehensive training for all levels of law enforcement available today.

The Street Crimes program teaches invaluable street-level skills that you won’t find anywhere else. Street Crimes is guaranteed to be one of the most informative and entertaining law enforcement seminars that you will ever attend, or we'll give you your money back.


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law enforcement seminars


  • First Responder Hostage Negotiating
    - Tips for the Street Cop
    - Critical Decision Making for Frontline Supervisors

  • Deadly Force Encounters
    - Being Mentally Prepared
    - Characteristics of Deadly Force Encounters
    - Do's and Don'ts of Deadly Force Encounters
    - Deadly Force Statements
  • Effective Interview Tactics
            - Questioning for Fresh Leads
            - Interviewing Streetwise Subjects
    - Street Stops/Roadside Interviews
    - Developing Good Witnesses
  • Homeland Security Issues for the
    Street Cop/Agent
    - Understanding Terrorism
    - Home-Grown Terrorists
    - Stopping Terrorism
    - Drug Cartels & Terrorism
  • Covert Surveillance Techniques
    - Matching Tactics to the Target
    - How Targets "Make" You
    - Do's & Don'ts for Success
  • Officer Safety Issues
            - Safety Concerns On & Off-Duty
            - Effective Use of Cover & Concealment
    - Do's & Don'ts for Critical Situations
    - Reading Body Language

  • Surviving Police Ambushes
            - Active Shooter Information for Cops
               & their Friends/Family Members
  • Car Traps, Hidden Compartments, &
    Search Procedures
    - Secret Hiding Places in Vehicles
            - Other Secret Hiding Places
            - Documenting Evidence for Court
  • Gang & Drug Investigations
    - Working Street Gangs
    - Gangs in the Military
    - MS-13: World's Worst Gang
    - Designer Drugs/Heroin Epidemic
            - Gangs and Guns
  • Cultivating Confidental Informants
            - Where to Find the Best Sources
            - Developing CI's/Street Sources
    - Do's & Don'ts for CI Buys
    - Using CI's as Moles for Information
            - Ethical Considerations
            - Core Questions for Gang CI's
  • Street Smart Intelligence Gathering
    - Digging Deeper into Records & Databases
    - Successful networking Tips
    - Secrets of "Mining" the Streets
    - Legal Ruses for Getting Information
  • Interrogation Tactics/Legal Limits
    - Use of Trickery and Deceit
    - Paving the Road to the Truth
    - Maneauvering Past Pitfalls in Court
    - Legal Interrogation Tactics
            - Interrogating Ex-Cons
Also Includes: 50 Street-Tested Tactical Tips



  • Complacency Kills . . . Get the career tune-up that will sharpen your street skills and could save your life!