Real World Law Enforcement Training Seminar

Today’s criminals are more cunning, more mobile and more sophisticated than ever. They are constantly fine-tuning and updating their criminal skills. It's crucial that every law enforcement officer also update and fine-tune his or hers knowledge of criminal trends and street skills. It’s a sad fact that complacency gets officers killed every year. Street Crimes police seminars are designed to provide real world training and tactics to keep law enforcement officials fully prepared.

The three-day street crimes seminar is taught by real law enforcement officials with over 25 years of actual street cop experience. Every Street Crimes instructor is a nationally recognized expert in many areas of police work. They are able to blend unique experiences in Patrol, Narcotics, Gang Crimes, Undercover Work, S.W.A.T. Team and Federal Task Forces to create the most comprehensive training for all levels of law enforcement available today.

The Street Crimes program teaches invaluable street-level skills that you won’t find anywhere else. Street Crimes is guaranteed to be one of the most informative and entertaining law enforcement seminars that you will ever attend, or we'll give you your money back.


law enforcement seminars law enforcement seminars
law enforcement seminars

Police Seminars Include:

  • Deadly Force Incidents/Statements
  • Hostage Negotiating for Street Cop/Supervisors
  • Effective Interview Techniques
  • Homeland Security Issues for the Street Cop/Agent
  • Gang and Drug Investigation Tactics
  • Police Ambushes/Surviving the Threat
  • Car Traps/Hidden Compartments
  • Interrogation Tactics/Legal Limits
  • Covert Surveillance Techniques for Patrol/Detectives
  • Cultivating Street Sources & Confidential Informants
  • Courtroom Testimony Survival Tactics



  • Complacency Kills . . . Get the career tune-up that will sharpen your street skills and could save your life!